Serial DAT "Network Message Check" even when == False?

Hi, I’m doing an optimization sweep in my network and finding a fairly small but still strange line item in the performance monitor for serial dat’s that say “Network Message Check”.

I’d expect that when the node’s active param is off, this check would not be necessary, and especially not necessary if the node is bypassed but it seems like the only way to mitigate is to delete the node.

I know this is a fairly negligible amount as far as one node is concerned, but I instantiate atm 32 “communication modules” up front so when they aren’t all in use it’d be nice to have them totally dormant.

Anyways I can handle this issue with live replication if needed or something else that deletes the node if it’s necessary to serial, just thought I’d check :slight_smile:

On further inspection, this is happening for UDP out dat’s as well. Is this correct behavior when they are inactive?

Bump on this, I’m seeing lots of time attributed to network message checks for inactive / bypassed OSC in CHOPs and DATs in my project.