Serial device select

I’ve got a serial device (over USB) coming in on a serialInDAT. If I disconnect the device and reinsert it often comes up as a different serial device name (I guess selected by OSX rather than TD) which I have to select in the serialin parameters.

Problem is I’ll be commissioning my project on Touchplayer licenses so I won’t have access to the parameters for the serialInDAT. Is there a way that I can mirror the drop down for the serial device selection in a perform window so it can be selected/changed from touchplayer in the UI for the project?


anyone?!?! :frowning:

For a custom Menu parameter, use the Comp Editor to set the menuSource to the parameter you want to mirror. The menuSource is an expression that evaluates relative to the component with the custom parameter. You can do this on a dropDownMenu widget or use a parameterCOMP to display the menu in perform mode. For that matter, you can use a parameterCOMP to directly display the menu parameter without even setting up a custom parameter.