Set Custom Attributes in GLSL Mat for Render Pick?

I am attempting to set Custom render pick attributes via a GLSL Mat, but seem unable to do so.

I’ve read through and noticed that this struct:

TDPickVertex { vec3 sopSpacePosition; vec3 worldSpacePosition; vec3 camSpacePosition; vec3 sopSpaceNormal; vec3 worldSpaceNormal; vec3 camSpaceNormal; vec3 uv[1]; flat int instanceId; vec4 color; } vTDPickVert;

can be modified after calling TDWritePickingValues(); like this:

TDWritePickingValues(); vTDPickVert.sopSpacePosition = newPosition; vTDPickVert.worldSpacePosition = uTDMats[TDCameraIndex()].world * vec4(newPosition, 1.0); vTDPickVert.camSpacePosition = uTDMats[TDCameraIndex()].worldCam * vec4(newPosition, 1.0);

However I can’t find a syntax or convention for addressing those custom attributes…

Is it possible to address them at all as in, they are simply not documented? or is this not possible through GLSL materials?

I should note, I am able to still pass custom attributes through the glslMAT via the point SOP pre shader… that works just fine, so the data is getting through, I just can’t set it manually.

Sorry, those end up in vTDCustomPickVert instead of vTDPickVert . I’ll update the help

Awesome thanks for the tip!