Setting a parameter expression to reference a panel value directly causes all parameters to stop updating

I noticed that when you set a parameter to reference a panel value directly in python the parameter does not propagate to the children inside.

For example, if I have a custom par called Positionx and I set it to ‘me.panel.u.val’ and then drag on that panels viewer you will see that the parameter updates correctly however any reference to the parameter inside of that container will not update. Even just doing this on one parameter causes any other parameter referencing a panel chop for that comp to stop propagating as well.

I’ve attached a Toe file that illustrates the issue.
PanelValToPar.toe (5.8 KB)
First Comp has parameters referencing a Noise Chop. Works as intended.
Second Comp has parameters referencing a Panel Chop. Works as intended.
Third Comp has parameters referencing panel values in python. Does not work.
Fourth Comp has one parameter referencing a panel value in python and another parameter referencing a Panel Chop. Does not work.

I tried searching for other bugs as well as any discussion about this in documentation and could not find any. Thanks!

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@cronin4392 Thanks for the report, can you tell us which build you are using so we can reproduce it?

Hey @ben, sorry I didn’t mention. It is on 24520.