Setting a range expression on a math top > define the path of a slider knob


I need to define the path of the slider’s knob ( on the left side. ) by setting up a range in a math TOP (on the right side). The right side is the child of the left slider comp. Math TOP is inside the slider COMP. If you look at my expression for torange 2, you can see I want my knob does not disappear at the end of the slider. However, the slider on the left didn’t work that way. Please help me to solve the problem.

Hi @angelfu29, I moved your post to ‘General Discussion’. Please post questions in “General Discussion” or “Beginners”, the "Techniques category is for showing people techniques and not for open questions or help like this.

For your question, can you please upload your example file, it is not possible to debug the screenshot.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for doing that. I will post to General Discussion in the future. I tried to drug an attachment in this dialogue, but it shows the new users can’t upload any attachment. Do you have any other way for me to upload the file?


Ah sorry, yeah you need some time usually before getting that privilege. I changed your account settings so you should be able to now.