Setting OSC type tag _ TD to Resolume

First TD project and I’m so close I can taste it, but I’m still not at the finish line.
I’m using a Roland DJ-202 controller to DJ in Serato, and there are a handful of controls that I want to map in TD to send OSC to Resolume. Some of this was straightforward and has been accomplished, but some of the addresses I am targeting have proven slippery:
I have a set of buttons that I would like to address to a set of parameters in Resolume that are all at the same address, and then selected via an integer type tag (0-9). However, the OSC Out Dat is parsing the output of the triggering CHOP (and its accompanying CHOP Execute Dat) as a float, and assigning it a float type tag. The value that is passed is received accurately (I have tried using a Math Chop and multiplying it to pass different values, 1-9 when on, with/without ceiling/floor/rounding, with no difference in results). Strangely the parameter selected is that which corresponds to type tag 9.
.tox in case you have access to resolume (make sure you set the OSC in/out ports etc., and you may have to modify/fake MIDI triggers)
Can anyone here point me toward a solution to set the appropriate type tag? I will also be asking in Resolume forum. Cheers
seratoMIDIToResOSC.tox (2.2 KB)

If you want the DAT to send an int instead of a float, cast the value to an int using int(), then it’ll send and tag it with that type.

That was the missing puzzle piece! Thank you, malcom!