Setting privacy on comps as a service?

How does derivative stand on people with a Pro-License sealing of comps from others (without a pro-license)?

Sorry, you shouldn’t be using a Pro license to provide Privacy locking as a service. This is not the intended usage of a Pro license.
Thanks for asking and your understanding.

I was expecting that answer (but hoping for something else).
Got some more questions in this regard. How is the state about renting out a/several license/s (dongle). If this also is not intendet (as stated in the user agreement) how is the state about renting out a server with an activated license? Is there a line when this becomes okay?

Edit: To clarify. I have no intent on offering this as a service and I’m not looking to find a loophole otherwise.
Actually I’m the person looking for someone to do that “service” for me as a Pro-License for a small sideproject is in no way feasible.

The question about Renting License and/or systems just arrose while thinking deeper about the issue. Where is the line (or is there any?) and I think a clear answer about the legality (and thus the validity of the useage-agreement) would be good.