Setting up a Korg NanoKontrol Interface


I need some help with setting up the Korg NanoKontrol interface. I have been able to successfully use a few of the sliders by setting it up as a BCF 2000, but I still cannot use the knobs and many of the buttons. I see there is a section under the MIDI mapper to select “User Maps” but when I select this it lists 16 sliders, 16 buttons, which is not the case with this interface. How can I customize my settings so Touch can properly map this controller?


you can adjust the midi settings in the table DATs located at /local/midi/userdevices/[yourdevicename]

There is a Table DAT called “sliders” and one called “buttons”, you can add or remove buttons and sliders here. To see what controller messages you should put into the table, move a slider or push a button on you actual interface and watch the Midi Console in the Midi Mapper dialog.


Hi everyone!

Finally got my Korg NanoKontrol. I ve read everything there is here in the forum and in the wiki on how to properly map it, but no luck. Ive seen than if I use two of the presets in the midi mapper some of the sliders work, but no knobs an no buttons. So, I ve tried making my own, but it doesnt see the controller. Ive tried the nanomap.tox that one of you left, but no luck there.
Ive tried with a midi in DAT to see which numbers are my sliders, knobs and buttons, and got them all written down, but doesnt seem to work either…
Im probably missing one step or something, but cant figure it out.

Help please :unamused:

Thanks in advance!


Hello Caro,

I’m sorry, but I won’t be of much help to you on this one because I tried working with the KORG Nanocontrol and didn’t have the patience or time to manually set it all up. I sent it back and got myself a Behringer BCR2000 instead because Touch already has the preset mapping for it.

Hey Guys,

I did a mapping for the nanokontrol earlier this year. It should work for all scenes but not the play buttons I’m afraid. If you just drag the tox into local/midi/userdevices and then join the nanokontrol up to nanokontrol in the midi device mapper dialog (it’ll appear under the user devices tab) then it should work fine.

Downloads at:

If I were you I’d just take all the channels from mapmaster1 through outs and ins to the project comp as the midi in map chop seems to crash touch with this particular map for some reason. (Guess it’s messy but it works for me)

Note: This map works for nanokontrols that haven’t been modified using korgs own software.


Thank you so much! Will try it out, I will post my success (hoping!!) later


nanomap.tox was made for the nano pad, not the nano control, sorry if that caused confusion. Works just fine for the nano pad, I still use it.

Hey there,

try this out.

drag this .tox to /local/midi/userdevices

then go to dialogs > midi device mapper
click - “add device mapping”
set your “in device” to nanoKONTROL
then your “midi map” to “nano” (the attached .tox)

should work with scene 1 if you have the same factory preset as me.

Another note. is the learn button supposed to work in build 12180?

nano_kontrol.tox (1.37 KB)

Here is the tox for a nanoKONTROL2. Just in case someone is searching the forum and stumble upon this thread and need a nanoKONTROL2 instead.

PS: You might want to rename the sliders/buttons names in the tox file because currently, the way I set it up is, eg:
if you are interested in just using the first two sliders, then you can put down a Select CHOP and select s1* b1* s2* b2*

nanoKontrol2.tox (277 KB)

Here is a functional ‘NanoKontrol2’ tox with more logical button & slider assignments (that is, slider 1-16 and button 1-16)

it’s made for & works with the nanoKontrol2.
NanoNanoKontrol2.tox (1.4 KB)

Hi All!

I tried attached in previos post NanoNanoKontrol2.tox
The Sliders function super, but I cannot gat the buttons working.
I testing for example the first button, the MIDI console got me b0 40 command.
I put it in the buttons table for b1 channel, and it doesnt work.

Can anyone help me???
Thank you in advance!!