SF workshop videos, best of the best...

Hi guys,

Maybe you can help me, it’s happened a couple of times in the workshop videos where things aren’t the same on my machine [in the norway particle videos, but I worked it out]

Now I’m on the instancing videos, pt 2 and I’ve come across a behavior I can’t work out…

When using the rotate or uniform scale field of the Xform tab of the geo, both variables seem to affect the instance chop object [a sphere] rather than the object contained in the geo. This only begins to happen when I toggle the instance flag. In the video, those parameters affect the object contained in the geo.

If I change the instancing object from a sphere to say, a rectangle, same behaviour…

Only reason I ask is becuase that’s not what is seen in video, am I being dumb?

sphere.toe (4.86 KB)

And like that, I found it…
under “instance 2” the instance order is “world transform then Instance”



same problem here but with Instancing & Rendering Techniques| Parts 1 with Matthew Ragan (BEST OF THE BEST - TOUCHDESIGNER 088 WORKSHOP VIDEOS ).
I can’t understand why the Great Matthew (always thank you for your tutorials) don’t say something about Instance Order to get what he is showing about scaling instancing geometry.
Is it something that is changed in Touch?

In the same video I also see that Matthew Sop Sphere has a “Natural” option in Texture Coordinates that I don’t have.

Anyway a huge thanks dogboy23,