Shader artifact with RGB parade

For a student project, I made a quick RGB parade with compute shader. It works but there is some artefact in the color parade, aproximately every 20 pixels verticaly, if someone can help me to find the reason, it would be great. Its made with compute shader so, unfortunately, its Windows only…

parade.toe (4.5 KB)

Hi jacques,

Do you mean the spacing between the red lines? This is because I assume your input movie is 8 bit (so 256 different values per channel) and you’re placing them on a 1080 sized canvas.


Hello Tim,
Thank you for advice. Forcing my 8 bits moviefilein to 16 bits was sufficient to eliminate banding.
I will publish in few days a RGB parade for TD.
All the best,


windows users can always fallback to the waveform monitor on the palette…


Thank you Markus,
Its good sometime to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile: