Shaderoo shader porting

Hi all!

Recently i’ve found this site, similar at Shadertoy, with some cool shaders that run with webGL 2 browsers.

I’ve tried to porting this one inside TD:
But i’m in stuck because there is a “void mainGeom” on Geom_A page (you can check on top left part of code window), on line 119 that i don’t know how traslate in TD.

Someone have some hints? From help page i suppose it refers to:
you have an array triangles, the vertices (and 3 attributes) of which you can define by their index in a mainGeom(out vertCoord, out vertAttrib[3], int vertIndex) function. for now its limited to 65536 triangles (or 196608 vertices)

It is possible to porting inside a GLSL TOP or it needs something else? … ketch_Line

I have ported this shader before, you can refer to my approach.
(To change the number of vertices on real-time, have to change the way, such as using geometry shader)

Thanks a lot Chen for your time!!

I have seen also your other works and they’re really amazing!

For whose are interest, i share here the paperish noise shader part, that came from image section, just substitute it to level TOP inside the Yea Chen Tox to achieve the same post fx from shaderoo:
paperish_noise.tox (1.54 KB)

Thanks for sharing.

Yeataro, did you make the background colors with your Flow Abs tool? They look like real paint.

Yes, I used TD-Flow-ABS -> Feedbackedge -> some oil paint shader from shadertoy, here I have a screen rec, you can take a look :slight_smile:


This is awesome, thanks for the reply.
Such a cool effect!