Shadow of the ghost cube...

Hey, sorry for the enigmatic title but I couldn’t find a better way to describe it.
Here’s my problem: where does this shadow of a cube come from???

If you look at the file, there is only one cube, and one sphere. I deactivated the render for the light and the camera, and the only shadow caster is the sphere (geo2). So why is there a cube shadow when the light goes behind the sphere? To be sure, I also tried replace the cube by a sphere, and the shadow cube is still there… I also of course looked in my two geos to see if there is a remaining box somewhere.

shadow-cube.toe (5.53 KB)
So for now still no clue about where this shadow comes from…
Any idea? Thanks in advance! :wink:

This seems to be a bug in the soft shadowing code. I’ll take a closer look

Thank a lot, the scene is much more complex, but I reduced it to the max trying to understand where does this come from… I also tried to start again from scratch, but the shadow cube is still there… thank for your help!

Hi there,
Malcolm did you get an occasion to have a look?
I tried with the new version a few days ago,
and now I just installed the latest release (Windows Build 2019.18360),
but still no luck, the shadow cubes are still there…
Any idea on your side?

This bug should be fixed in the next 2019.10000 series we post. Thanks for the report.

Thanks a lot for your work! Can’t wait :slight_smile: