Short freelance opportunity London/Remote GMT

Hi there. Not sure how long it takes job board postings to be approved but I’m on a bit of a short timescale so thought I’d post here.

I have a 4 week (ish) project which needs a TD pro to build an interactive retail installation, for delivery on the 2nd of November. The project is a photo booth application which uses Kinect to comp users across an animated backdrop with some interaction points (particles and some 3d and pre-rendered content etc). It will then need to take a photo or potentially a short video clip and POST out to a web service which we are building separately. It will need to be stable enough for a 2-month long installation in retail stores without an operator.

You can work remotely but you’ll be working very closely with a 3D design and production team in London, UK and so the ability to work throughout the GMT working day will be essential.

For more info please ping your portfolio and day rate to


Just a note to say that (typical!) we’ve had some redirection from the client and are now going to take a different approach on this project so this role is no longer necessary. Thank you for the approaches though, there will be more!