Short-Term Opportunity: Audio Reactive Tool

Hi all

I’m looking to have a tool developed, to create audio reactive visual content for ambient music. The idea is that it will be used as a sort of visual companion to the releases of an upcoming label — the subtle emotive power of the music to be married with the openness and unobtrusiveness of the genre as a whole.

At its most basic level, the visual output needs to:

  1. Incorporate landscape video footage as a background
  2. Feature foreground graphics (a central orb and a horizontal stream of fluid/gas/ethereal texture)
  3. Be audio reactive

The tool itself needs to be controlled relatively easily by myself, and particular modulations are outlined in detail in the brief. I have next to no experience visual production. The idea though is that I can put together new iterations of these consistent visuals, release by release, even track by track. Basically ‘music videos’ with a consistent format. Ideally I would be able to input the audio (be it a track or a mix of tracks), the background landscape footage, and then control various parameters. Being ambient music, and therefore beatless, what works for one track won’t necessarily work for another, so manual controls are pretty essential (i.e. the combinations of inputs/outputs, and various other modulations).

In short, imagine a central orb that modulates reactively to the audio (in ways such as light emission, surface rippling, inner orb texture, etc.), with a horizontal stream of modulating three-dimensional waves (also audio reactive). This is set against a moving landscape in the background — the footage of which may need to change regularly, if it turns out that footage over a minute long is too hard to come by.

The full brief can be sent over if you’re interested (thought I’d save space here). I’ve tried to be as concise as possible, but please do ask for clarification on anything. Along with the brief, I have included a whole load more detail, including a list of Shadertoy examples, in case that helps with the coding process.

Furthermore, I’m open to creative collaboration on this; it’s not all set in stone. I’d be keen to hear ideas from yourselves, and to work in a two-way collaborative process if desired.


Sent you a pm