Should I worry about dependency loops?

I have a system set up using timer CHOPs where their initialize input runs from other timer chops. When the timed experience is over it loops back to the beginning, but that creates a dependency loop. I get the warning about dependency loops but this loop is intended and because it uses timers isnt really an issue, can I just ignore it? Is there a better way to loop through states?

I’m attaching a couple examples of where I would want a loop, curious if anyone has a better way to loop!

dependencyLoopExample.toe (5.28 KB)

Cook dependency loops run the risk of introducing intermittent random behavior.
You might consider pulsing the buttons with scripting, in the Timer CHOP callback DATs.

eg: op(‘timer1’).par.start.pulse() in the appropriate acallback function.

I see, thank you! Using OP references I had to change a few things but I think that ultimately made my system more simple to work with.