Should the Trigger CHOP be dark like other generators in the Create OP Dialog?


Possibly, but technically it’s mostly used as a filter that requires an input pulse that it stretches.

What qualifies something as a generator (ie. darker colored in OP Create Dialog)?

I thought it was any OP that does not require an input to generate a signal down the line.

In other words, what is the point of having generators darker in OP Create Dialog?

Yah, that makes sense.
The use of Trigger CHOP without an input is a very odd case though, as a workaround to visualize the shape of the pulse it would use on the input, in non-timeslice mode.
Later a pulse button was added to simulate the input.
Perhaps its time to change its category.

I’m so new to TD that I’ve never known Trigger without a pulse button, and have actually never used it with an input. :joy:

I’ve used it in two ways:

  1. Via python to generate an additive signal as my viewers send chat commands
  2. Via python to animate things like popups in two directions (eg. up and then down, or left and then right)

Haha, I have never used it without an input, never bothered to switch my habits to the new pulse button! For most nodes, I observe using the parameters of the node is a more common use case than via python, but I can see in the pulse button case not much options for automating. Likely why I don’t use the pulse button.

Pulse button can’t be pulsed faster than the session’s framerate either I don’t think…