Show with multiple scenes

for movie and image files you can use the unloadmovie command however it’s just easier to do the 2x2 method as the unloadmovie command wont work for renders. For most of my setups I just have 2 opviewers and a cross TOP which sample a node called “out” which will be inside a container called modulex with x being the scene number…I might post a simple scene example up at some point.

What do you mean it won’t work for “renders”? Sorry… I’m still new to a lot of this.

He’s talking about render chops or any non-movie generated video such as the render chops,GLSL tops, chopto TOPs etc…


@ennui : I’d love to see the example if you have time, it would be great from someone just starting out to see/understand this technique…

I’ll do a video this weekend, I’ve been planning to do a multiple scene setup tutorial for ages but…well…work y’know.


Hi, I’ve just posted my tool here
It might be useful for those who are interested in this thread.

I’m running 64 bit 088 beta here-
Comparatively, what are the implications for memory limits with 64 bit version again ? Or is this issue largely a question of VRAM and not regular RAM ?

depends your OS
[url]Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

so according to that chart my Win pro could utilize an astounding 192 GB maximum. But I guess that has little effect on the aforemetioned multi-scene issue. Or does it ?

Hi 3dbill, thank you for this technique, it has made a massive improvement to my 23 patch setup that was seriously bogging down.

@Meirion You might also want to checkout the sceneChanger in the Palette>Tools folder. It was not available when this post was created about 10 years ago.

op(‘base1’).allowCooking = 0

Thank you Ben, I’ll check this out

I tried using Python to stop the bases cooking but had issues with GPU and CPU RAM not being freed up