showCustomOnly - page header disappears [TD 2021.12380]

When using showCustomOnly, the parameter page header is no longer visible.
In previous versions (such as 2021.10330), the page tabs for custom pages would still be visible.
Is there some other new setting to control that, or is it a bug?

Can’t reproduce this here, Custom Tabs are showing up in Parameter COMP. Can you show your settings or a file? What are you referring to with showCustomOnly?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a Base COMP
  • Open Customize Component
  • Add a parameter page “Page 1”
  • Add a parameter “Foo” in that page
  • Add another page “Page 2”
  • Add a parameter “Bar” in that page
  • Create a text DAT with this script: op('base1').showCustomOnly=True
  • Right click and run the script
  • Select the base COMP

page page bug.toe (3.4 KB)

Looks like the Parameter COMP will show them correctly, but not the network editor.

Ok thanks, can reproduce now.