SimpleBrowser (099)

As an example how you can get unlimited interactivity with webpages using the executeJavascript method in the WebrenderTOP class, I built a very simple webbrowser in TD099

Click links with your mouse, and use the back and forward buttons to go through your browsing history.

See demo video:

Download SimpleBrowser:
(build in 099_2016.4500)
SimpleBrowser.toe (17.6 KB)

With back buttons too! Nice work.

haha very nice.

Hello everyone, we took this example a bit further. You will need to update to Windows build 2016.5580 to use it.

In this version, key inputs are captured so you can type into the webpage. This is done with the webrenderTOP_Class sendKey() method.

Also the mouse interaction with the page has been updated to use the interactMouse() method.

Anyways, please check it out and give us feedback on how it works and what else you’d like to see in a Web Browser COMP like this. Shout out to nettoyeur for getting this started.
simpleBrowser.tox (2.94 KB)

It would be great if we could use python to set/control the “camera rotations” when watching vr videos in the browser

I’m so happy with this tox and combining it with Windows system audio: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=9594&p=36330&hilit=audio#p36330

I noticed that it could run a little faster with exports rather than expressions, so here’s a version like that.
simpleBrowser.tox (3.43 KB)

hey,great that you guys enabled text input and mouse scroll support!
I see there’s still some dutch debug code left… :smiley:

Since you’re asking for RFE’s: it seems there is support in CEF3 for a fullscreen callback, when you click the fullscreen button on a HTML5 video. It would be very handy if the video would then fill up the texture dimensions of the webrender TOP - which would help a lot for youtube/vimeo etc integrations.

This is great.

Is there any way of bringing up the onScreenKeyboard component automatically when a text-entry field is clicked on?
Something like having an info chop channel trigger on-off when a textbox is focused or not, so I’d know to show or hide the keyboard.

+1 with @zcalvin, I have searched around an am not finding info about how to use / bind the onscreen keyboard

I’m noticing underwhelming performance with this URL

The maximum render frame rate on the web render top is set to 60. The Three.js performance widget is reporting 63 fps, but to my eyes it looks as bad as 30 fps. What can I do to improve performance here?

TD 16620 windows 10
GPU: P5000