Six axis reflection


Here is an example of how to transform and composite an input TOP to create reflections along six axes. I think the technical term would be 6-fold rotational symmetry.

The component:


have a look at the Wallpaper Component in Palette>Tools. Something that implements all wallpapergroups as instancing.


Hi snaut, I have been looking for this component in the palette and on the Derivative wiki but haven’t been able to find it, is still available?


Hi @DanielVH,

sorry - had to get back to the office to search the archives and fix this up.
Here is a version that is fixed up to run in the current builds. As I just made some basic fixes, the core of it all uses a lot of tscript :slight_smile:

Let me know if this works

Wallpapergroups.tox (8.1 KB)

Exactly what I needed, thanks a lot for updating it!