Slider widgets - step value and value ladders

so this may (proabbly) a stupid qeustion but i cant find the info anywhere…

i have a bunch of slider widgets, im using in performance mode and i would like to -
A - have the step be way lower (meaning when i slide left to right it “snaps” to a value, where i would like it to be smooth and not snap…)
B - i would like to be able to use the value ladder in the “field” component of the slider (meaning i want to be able to mmb on the value and use the ladder to move it)

thanks all!!!

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A) is simple, you can do this with a limit CHOP inside the slider. See example toe I’ve attached.snap_vs_smooth.1.toe (3.9 KB)

B) for this, you’d want to create a new panel that opens as a floating window (using window COMP) on middle mouse press, and then have logic inside of this to adjust the value based on distance dragged on left/right.

Hey Lucas!
Thanks for those tips!
A - ill test this out thanks a lot for sharing the tox!
B - seems a bit over excsessive, i would have thought it would be built in as its part of the ui…ill just have to do without it :stuck_out_tongue:

so im actaully trying to get away from the “stepping”…
I attached the slider im using, (its part of a preset dashboard pack)
I cant find the element that is controlling the actual value, to be able to see where that step is happening it and disable it.
sliderHorz.tox (16.5 KB)