Slider with two "slides"

so trying to make a slider that i can drag and relese and “end point” and a “start point”.

could not figure out how to have the selection only be where the mouse is clicking, the defualt function is when clicked to have the slider go to where its clicked, but for two sliders it would need to function in the way that if i click on A it will allow me to drag A and if i click on B i can drag B… and then there would be two values.
any direction is super welcome

Have you considered using the built-in widgets?

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damn…i thouhgt i tried all the “sliders” maybe naming it |Slider Range" would have helped my dumb brain!!!

making up for my dumb question…

Added ability and parameters to change the color of the knobs Individually:

rangeDualColor.tox (19.4 KB)