sliders and buttons control panel with presets

I love this presets comp soooo much. It it the backbone in all of my projects.
I made a widget that will convert a Constant chop into a populated presets comp.

There are 2 attachments included here.

  1. Presets: modified version of Keith’s Presets comp (the slider only version).
  2. PresetMaker: base comp that contains scripts that create and populate the presets comp.

Copy both to your palette (alt-l) by dragging them in.
Next make a constant chop and name it “Params” and fill it with channels.
Drag the PresetsMaker comp in next to op(‘Params’).
Click the Make Presets button in its Parameter window (in tab ‘Presets’).
This will make a new presets Comp (loading it in from palette), with all the the channel names populated from the constant, and the values loaded into the sliders (but does not save the state, you’ll have to do that manually).
It also makes a Description table so you can make descriptions for each parameter.
And it has a Click() function, if you want to call the presets remotely.

Hoping this works for everyone. Not tested outside of my own system yet. Big time saver if you use this presets comp all the time.

PresetsMaker.tox (2.01 KB)
presets.tox (12.2 KB)

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Hy there, I’m trying to Use Touch OSC (a grid of buttons) to call upon the different presets.
Could you be a bit more precise on how to call uppon this Click funktion.

Thanks a lot.