Slowing down a video when sound is picked up

I’d love to make it so that a video played through the touch designer slows down or freezes when sound is picked up through the microphone. Ideally, the level of the sound would change how much it slows? Or it would only slow at a specific volume
If anyone knows how to do this, has any good tutorials, or has any advice I’d really appreciate it. I’d also love to be able to do the same thing but with movement.
Thank you

Hi @Ellena,

To start with, there is a speed parameter on the MovieFileIn TOP which let’s you control the playback speed of the movie. To still get smooth looking playback you should also enable the Parameter “Interpolate Frames” which you can find on the “Image” parameter page.

The next thing to analyze is the sound “level” - for this you can utilize the Analayze CHOP with it’s “RMS Power” function. The “RMS Power” can generally be described as average power of an audio signal over time - so in a way this can be an indication of the sound level.
You can now look at these values (for example with a Trail CHOP) and modify the range with a Math CHOP to make it usable for your particular case.
Perhaps a Filter CHOP can come in handy as well to smooth out the changes a bit.