Slug and rendering icons

I have just discovered Material Design Icons and their usage in Text TOP, Text COMP. That is great stuff :upside_down_face:
I wanted to ask if there is some way of rendering custom vector graphics using Slug in Text COMP - in case one doesn’t have actual font, just a vector graphics file.

I am guessing it would have to be somehow converted to font, but I wanted to ask to make sure this is the case. Thanks

The Slug library has been adding more support in recent versions for rendering SVG files directly, but its not currently implemented in TouchDesigner. It is something we want to look at for future releases, but we don’t have any timeline on that at the moment.

There is an SVG component in the palette that uses the webrender TOP if that is helpful to you.


I see, thanks for info. I will try to look into some setup that would allow me to convert icon shapes into custom font for now and will see what future brings :slight_smile:

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In case someone might find this useful - I have eventually used this simple web app to generate font from svg files:

I was also looking into using something like webfont, but since it is just a temporary solution I have decided to go for fastest approach. :slightly_smiling_face: