slushy.tox - new Render Pick example

This slider places an image on a 3D object under the location of the cursor. The slider image you interact with is the Render TOP processed by other TOPs. The rest is just goofing around with conversion between OP types. Make it better.

latest version in post below…

Cleaned and re-uploaded using the Render Pick DAT vs the Render Pick CHOP.

Render Pick DAT lets you pick many points at one time, like for multi-touch interfaces. You feed it a DAT with minimum 3 columns: “select”, “u” and “v”, with row 1+ being what you would get from a Panel CHOP’s “select”, “u” and “v” channels.

The render1 TOP (or a post-processed variant of it) is used as the background of a Container component. We’re getting the u, v, select from that container and passing it to the Render Pick DAT. It reports what you have clicked on. Bring up /slushy in a floating panel and watch the output of the Render Pick DAT as you click on the panel.
slushy.3.tox (4.21 KB)

What a great node !
First time to use most of its features ! :slight_smile:
So easy and time saver !

added simple example for object hitting.
drag_to_container.2.toe (7.57 KB)
hit_object_system-1.1.toe (6.31 KB)
picker_test.7.toe (6.56 KB)

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