small RFE - add 'copy op path' to right click

Low priority UI stuff:

It would be super handy to right mouse click any OP and get the path into the clipboard, right now I have to drag to a text console, then copy and paste. Very minor RFE - but it would save a few clicks.
Another item to consider in the future would be a way to pop open a tree view of the project to select an op directly from the op parameter in the select OPs. Again, minor, but handy.



This would save me tiny amounts of time, but really frequently.

Gonna go ahead and bump this. I had this idea a couple weeks ago, and now it’s all I want.
Additionally, a “selectedOp” member that returned a list of paths to the selected operator-- [absolute_path, relative_path]-- in the network editor (or similar) class could come in handy, too

I’ve often thought of this. Was about to finally post the RFE.

I don’t want to clutter up the context menus any, so perhaps the ideal way to implement this would be to make it so that if you do a “conventional copy” of an OP, you can paste into a text field and it will automatically turn into a path to the OP.

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