Smaller flames in Nvidia Flow

I have a question about Nvidia Flow, in particular about the “size” of the flames.
I have an emitter TOP generating a flow of flames.
Suppose I double the size of the emitter TOP and move the camera twice as far. The resulting flow will show the same shape as source of the flames, but smaller flames (they are actually the same size, just further away, and the emitter is scaled up).

Is there a way of obtaining the same “smaller flames” effect without resizing the emitter TOP and moving the camera? Can we set this somewhere simply in the flow or emitter parameters?

If this is not the right channel of the forum for this question, please feel free to move.

You can influence the temperature, fuel and smoke with many parameters on the emitter.
By playing with these parameters you can make smaller or bigger flames/smoke.
For instance if you lower the fuel parameter, the fire/flame will usually get smaller. Is that what you mean?
Also see some examples under Help->Operator Snippets

Okay, here is a picture to explain a bit better what I mean.