Smartphone as an camera for an installation

Hello everybody!

I’m planning an installation with blob tracking in TD and manipulating an composition by me in ableton live. So, the problem is, i hav to install a camera in the room. The best place would be in the ceiling (8m high maybe). I found an YouTube tutorial with using the zigsim app and i thought about using an old iphone as an camera installed in the ceiling with an power supply. So the iphone would be always on (3 weeks) and in the best case i would never had to reach for it to reset it.

Would this be possible? Whats the danger of using an smartphone as an tracking device? What would i have to think about?

I’m generally cautious about wireless connections for video in installation spaces. It’s important that when streaming video from your phone that you have a reliable network you camera and installation machine are connected to.

There are a few places this can go wrong - not all phones are well suited to having their cameras on all the time. Worst case scenario would be the device overheating and turning off - you’d then need to get up to the device and restart it in order to get your video feed back online.

Network streams can also timeout over long durations, so you could also loose your connection to your camera. In this case you’d likely need to quick and restart the streaming app, and you may need to stop and restart the NDI in TOP to capture the video feed again.