Smooth controller, better than standard midi?

Does anybody know a decent controller which has a better resolution than standard midi (128 steps)? I dream of an OSC controller with a lot of sliders and knobs :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

hey @qwertoo,

there are several options using the standard midi protocol to achieve higher resolution.
Since midi 1.0 there is a special instruction in the protocol called “Pitch Bend Change”. It uses two MIDI bytes combined as 14 bits, resulting in 16384 steps.
Some controllers use that same dual pairing of standard CC messages, LSB (least siginificant byte) and MSB (most significant byte) to send 14 bit messages, others can only send 14 bits using so-called NRPN messages.

some hardware controllers which support high-resolution encoders:

  • Faderfox SC4 , Faderfox UC3, Faderfox UC4
  • DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister
  • Behringer BCF2000 and Behringer BCR2000
  • Asparion D400 - DAW Controller
  • Moog Little Phatty and Moog Slim Phatty

Not 100% sure about TouchDesigner support for all of these, but I assume it works if a controller can send out dual CC pairs, as the Midi In CHOP’s parameter “controller format” can be set to 14bits,
see docs:

Also see this thread:

There are probably many others which can send 14-bit, search the internet for midi controller with “high-resolution encoders”

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Hey @nettoyeur,

thank you for the insights. I guess i will either go for a Faderfox UC4 because I like faders and the Behringer BCF2000 is quite bulky.

Or I will build my own OSC or midi controller with a teensy board.

Just for clarity, the UC4 (and UC3) do support sending 14-bit messages from their faders but do not actually support 14-bit A/D. I confirmed this with the manufacturer directly as I own both controllers. The fader A/D is 7-bit, unfortunately.

The encoders, however, do support both 14-bit messages and A/D, so they are able to achieve higher resolution.

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Also, to add to Idzard’s list of higher resolution controllers, have a look at the Icon Platform M+. Their faders can resolve at 10-bit, and they are motorized like the Asparion D400. I believe they communicate via Pitch Bend, as they support Mackie Control protocol (also like the D400).

If you pair it with the D2 OLED display you’d have a pretty nice setup with scribble strips for under $500.


+1 for the Icon 10-bit fader series. Have used this on a real project, it’s awesome to have such precise control.