SocketIO DAT not working when using https


I’m using the SocketIO DAT for a project in which I need to get client inputs from a web interface. I had no problem to connect and receive messages. I’m using a simple local Node.js server with Express + (1.7.4).

But when I add SSL/TLS support in my server, the SocketIO DAT doesn’t work anymore. Here is the output from the Touch text console when I’m using https :

[2020-12-16 16:48:46] [connect] Successful connection
[2020-12-16 16:48:46] [error] handle_read_http_response error: websocketpp.transport:7 (End of File)

When switching to https, I’m able to receive messages on other clients but not in TouchDesigner.

TouchDesigner Build : 2020.27390
OS : Windows 10

I also made another server with ws instead of and I ran into the same issue with the WebSocket DAT

Interresting. Having a similiar problem and built a python bridge. Is wa switch from unencrypted to encrypted bound to a Domain or are you going directly in via IP when note using SSL. I thought I pinned down the Problem to touchdesigner not resolving the domains (and it not being a problem of reverse_proxy/ssl in general).
I have this suspicion as the logs of the server do not show any traffic when trying to reach it via a domain name.