SocketIO DAT, Touchdesigner does not receive messages

Hi everyone.
I’m a total beginner in web applications.

I’d like to create a web app which “emits” messages/values to Touchdesigner, so I started following step-by-step the first tutorial from the socketio website.
Everything works just fine in the web browser and between different tabs as well.
Also, when the toggle “Active” in the SocketIO DAT is switched on and off I can see from the log panel “a user connected” (since the code is […]io.on(‘connection’, (socket) => {console.log(‘a user connected’);[…]).
Of course I’ve set the URL: http://localhost:3000/.
However Touchdesigner does not receive any message.

Someone experienced something similar? Someone knows why?
Thank you very much for your help!

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Not sure if you’ve done this already, but you need to listen for server events explicitly using the second DAT input on the SocketIO DAT. It should be formatted as a single column of the event names.

Yeah, you are right, now is working.
Thank you very much!