Solid State system drive

Just gotta say,

the direct credit financing fairy came to me when my motherboard died,
and I purchased a Ridata Turbo 32 gig 2.5 sata solid state drive for my system drive,
and I’m in love. It’s very fast, runs cool, and I imagine will be sooooo much more unlikely to break.
It ran about $700, which is steep, but those damn Raptor drives were being kind of problematic for me.
I’ll write more on this as I explore.

So I smile now :smiley: … until the bill comes :confused:

off topic a bit, but I just wanted to share a little secret with you about data recovery that I learned from Youtube.
The board on my hard drive went down, so I bought another hard drive (same make model), and tried to swap the boards.
Didn’t work.
Turns out, if you get a hard drive made within two months of the broken one, this will work 90% of the time.
That’s what I did, it worked fine.

Also got my self one of that thar “Ready Boost” USB flash drives, for streaming quicktimes and textures. Haven’t tested this yet, but I think it will work pretty sweetly.

I’m going to post this suggestion elsewhere on this forum:
Is there a Test-Toe for us Touch users to compare system speeds with Touch?
If so, where can I find it? If not, it would be a grand if someone made one… don’t cha think?
It’s kind of beyond my current skills, or else I would do it.