Solution: Kinect CHOP doesn't work properly (multiple Kinect setup)

Hey there,

over the last days i was struggling getting data in the Kinect CHOP. I was working with 2 Kinects V1 for Xbox (Model 1414). The devices were recognized (no alert ‘connecting to device’), but the channels were empty.

Here is what i found out:
The CHOPs will work properly, when there is only one Kinect CHOP and Kinect TOP at a time. When having 2x Kinect TOP and 2x Kinect CHOP, the CHOPs wouldnt get any data.
So: when you’re running multiple Kinects on one system and you’re having problems, try removing Kinect TOPs.

For anyone struggling with getting data at all, i recommend trying the applications in the ‘Developer Toolkit Browser v1.8.0’ (can be downloaded with the SDK). If these applications don’t work, hit windows button, search for device manager and see if you can find the Kinect listed there. If not, it’s propably because of the USB Port, the cable you’re using or in worst case the Kinect itself.

Hope this could help!


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