[SOLVED 2020.45520] TOP generators input compositing

EDIT: never mind, not a bug - this was a PEBCAK issue :grimacing:, I did not notice the new output page on the generator TOPs.


TOP generators do not composite over their input in build 45520
Compare 40k:

to 20k:

example: base_top_compositing_bug_40k.tox (478 Bytes)


I think the intention here is to move towards a model where TOPs have an output page that allows you to select the compositing method of the operator:

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oh woops never mind :grimacing:

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That one is easy to miss - Greg mentioned it a few months ago, and it’s pretty rad to see this added.

Yes, for generator TOPs, we moved to a more consistent use of an Output page where you can do a composite there with more control. (similar to the Pattern CHOP taking an input)

Some of you may have got caught in an Experimental transition bind where for some builds, it did not autoconvert to the same behavior before/after. It converts 20K files that were compositing the old way OK now as far as I know.

on no, never hear of a PEBCAK.