SOLVED: Audio Device In with 2 device not work on OSX

Hi folks
I’m trying to connect Roland S-1 and roland T-8 to Touchdesigner on MacBook Pro M2.
S-1 and t-8 can be connected by usb and give and audio in/out interface.
I tried to connect both machine with 2 different audioInDevice but only one work and I can’t use both at the same time. If i switch the machine same result.
I tried to create an aggregate disposal (i don’t know how is exactly in english) in OSX MIDI section with t-8 and s-1. When i select it in touchdesigner i have 4 channel (and is ok) but also if i play machine the signal still flat and no audio output. You can see in screenshot.
How i can solve this problem without buy a new soundcard with 2 channel?

Thanks a lot

********* SOLUTION ********
I run the connection between S-1 and T-8 by an USB HuB. I connect without hub, any instrument to a separate USB PORT and now the aggregate device work in any software with 4 in and 4 out… (probably with little trick i can convert the 4 out in quadriphonie audio ::hope)