SOLVED: Background TOP (comp over background)

I’m seeing people using Transform TOPs strictly for the ‘comp over background’ option. That’s because it’s useful, but it’s not very legible when you have to poke around the Transform to confirm they’re not also, you know … transforming.

A Background TOP, which in one TOP replaces a combination of a Constant and an Over, would go immediately into heavy rotation for me.

Hey @hardworkparty

There is the new Output tab on a bunch of TOPs. I think you can just use that with the constant + over and swap operation or under operation

Does it look like what you are describing ?


EDIT: or you want the Transform settings of an Over TOP as well ? And the risk of… transforming eheh


Uhhh yeah … that’s pretty much it. How long has that been there??

It was brought a few experimental builds ago :slight_smile:

Fresh in stable !

Rad! Thanks, Michel!

Also - why is there a 20-character minimum in this forum? I should just be able to say ‘rad’