[Solved] Change the Color of a Rectangle


I’m very new to TD. I’ve watched a bunch of the tutorial videos, so I have a basic understanding of what is going on. I don’t understand why connecting a rectangle TOP to an HSV Adjust Top does not have any effect. I’d expect the color of the rectangle to change when I move the Hue Offset slider, but it does nothing. Any thoughts?

I can connect a Movie File In TOP to the HSV Adjust TOP and that does work as expected. So what’s the difference here?



i would say that you can’t saturate / hue a white pattern, you need to make it darker. As soon as it becomes greyish you will be able to change its hue / sat

I think you also need to convert it from RGB to HSV though


You are a genius, I guess I still don’t know how color works :stuck_out_tongue: I brought up the saturation and that allowed me to see the change in color.