SOLVED: Choptodat accuracy issues

Hi, just found this unexpected behaviour. I use limit chop to round numbers, yet when converted to DAT
they introduce some accuracy artifcats. I know I can get around this isse with python rounding, but should it happen in first place?

Using 2022.35280, Windows 10

Hi @boros,

CHOPs currently only hold 32-bit floats, which Python and parameters all hold 64-bit floats (doubles). Hence you see this behaviour. Activating the viewer for the Limit CHOP and choosing “Show exact values” from the r-click menu will reveal that same value in the CHOP’s viewer.

To really clamp these values down, you’d have to do this in the DAT chain as you mention.


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Thank you Markus, I understand this is a matter of a Touchdesigner system architecture. Double thanks for a simple and elegant solution with Evaluate DAT.

Btw - Kudos for great work and support. I just love working with Touchdesigner and am often amazed about how many well thought - through ideas and functionalities it offers. Its a true swiss army knife for live performance and interactive development.

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