SOLVED: Feedback loop started working differently after close

I am working on a project which has some feedback loops. When I opened my project yesterday it was like the feedback loop had stopped working and the look of the whole project has changed. Now the feedback is working but not in the same way as it did and if I go back to older versions of the project the same thing happens. Its like there was a change in how TD outputs the same settings as I was using. I am assuming that this is a bug because otherwise I could just go back to older versions but the same problem is in those versions as well.
There is a rotation on one of the transform TOPs in the feedback loop but now it is not registering as it used to. Also the overall look of the visuals is very different, it was way more vibrant and had a lot more movement.

Here is a link to the file. The feedback loop is right after the render TOP
Visuals_Bug.tox (161.7 KB)

Hey @Karlvidarp

Do you have a video of what you are seeing on your machine ? So that I can compare and see if there is something different we are looking at.

Also, do you have any video of how it used to look, when you were satisfied with the result ?

Are you on MacOS or Windows ?
Last, can you confirm that all you graphic drivers are up to date ?


This is how it looks on my screen. I unfortunately do not have a video of how it used to look but it used to be more lively and with the noise overlayed and integrated into the ball. Also the rotation was a lot more.
My graphic drivers seem to be up to date as far as I can tell and I am on a MacOS yes.

Thank you for your help.

Screen Recording 2024-04-22 at 15.57.39 (1) (3.5 MB)

I am noticing now that every time I save and close the project the rotation on one of my transforms which is animated with absTime.seconds seem to stop working. The expression is there and the field is counting up but the output is still. Don’t know what is happening there but I think that is the base of the problem.

What are the specs of your Mac ?
What version of MacOS are you running ?
What version of TouchDesigner are you running ? I assume latest but can you confirm?

It seems that I was not on the latest version of TouchDesigner. I don’t know if it is supposed to update automatically or not. Otherwise I did not realise that it had to be done manually.

The problem seems to be fixed now. Thank you.

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No. When TouchDesigner projects are delivered, they are usually meant to run on the build they were designed with. There is no automatic update at this point.

You need to update manually, and as regularly as possible.