SOLVED: Framerate Drop in Background Process

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue after doing a massive system update where TouchDesigner goes from ~60fps to 15-20fps when I alt-tab to a different program. This is very problematic, especially when trying to use software like Resolume or NestDrop over Spout.

I just updated to the latest build as well as did a clean install of my Nvidia Drivers. This actually gave me a performance boost, but after trawling the internet as well as consulting Chat GPT and trying every possible recommendation I can’t get this problem to go away.

Has anybody else dealt with losing performance/framerate when TouchDesigner loses focus? As a VJ it’s crucial my framerate stays consistent and I don’t want to remove these programs from my workflow.

I’m using Windows 10, RTX 2070-max Q

I managed to find the culprit:

I was loading a tox through an engine COMP. The settings of the engine COMP are what caused my project framerate to dip when alt-tabbing away. By setting the engine to be independent and have its own clock speed, the problem was fixed.

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Usually when the project drops frames when it’s not being focused, the OS decides it doesn’t have priority and the app that is now in focus has priority.

If you witness this, it likely means that your machine is lacking the resources to run everything at the same time.

Check the CPU and GPU usage % in the task manager.

It’s likely that your “solution” is just hiding the issue because the Engine is now running independently.