SOLVED_How to round numbers to integers without fractions? table.dat - LOOKUP

Hello. I will be grateful for your help in the following topic. I would like to display the numbers in the table showing interpolations between them as integers and not as fractions. Do you know the way how to get it?

just use a mathCHOP with integermode set to Round:

Thank you very much @alphamoonbase , but what if you have larger numbers? Although I rounded off values ​​in math.chop, a dot appears. And the second question is how to make it show the whole number and not the β€œe” +07

Indeed, i just checked andgoingthis high results in this e07 values. But you can, instead use a evalDAT and use round(me.inputCell) as the expression. But this is slower. (.5ms for the eval dat at 10000 samples) which isnt to bad.
Just wondering, for what exactly do you need it?

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Yes, the use of evalDAT+expression actually worked. I need this to visualize data on population size. Thanks for the help