SOLVED: Just mouse drag component makes crash


just mouse drag component makes crash so often.

windows , RTX 2070 super
TDver = 2022.28040

Hey @V0id_scuy

What kind of crash are you getting? is there an error message? is a crash dump getting generated?

What is your GPU driver version ?


hi , crash means just closing the application.
so no error message. what is a crash dump?

driver is 516.94

thank you

If TouchDesigner crashes, often you would get a file ending in .dmp, this is a crash dump and it helps us and our developers debug the issue to find what might have caused it.

If you have such a file, likely on your Destkop if the crash happened in a new unsaved file, you should share it with us.

Are you on a laptop?


No .dmp data .I use desktop PC.

I’ve uploaded movie capture when crash.

Please fix this bug , crash happens every five minutes

Hey @V0id_scuy

We are unable to reproduce your issue at the moment and it wasn’t reported before.

We’ll need more details to find out what might trigger the crash.

Can you please share other specs of your computer? Such as motherboard, CPU… etc

Is it occurring in the default project ? or only in the project you are currently working on ?

If you cannot reproduce in the default project, can you please share this project with us at ?


I’ve updated GPU driver version 517.48 , then this bug stop.Maybe.

Great news, please let us know if it is occurring again.