SOLVED: "LFO" + "Chop To" Output Res Unstable / Glitch

I Have a simple Network ( see attached Tox ). During normal operation the Pixel Size of the Chop-to node varies / glitches occasionally. I added a Hog Node to simulate heavier load, and it increase the frequency of the glitch. ( can be seen via the info node / trail node ).
It seems to be a combination of LFO + Chop To.

LFOCHopToBug.tox (1.6 KB)

Screen Record:
Screen Record

[ BUILD 2021.15240] [WINDOWS x10.0.19043 | BUILD 19403 ]

Your are likely dropping frames , therefore touch will calc the LFO with multiple samples (see timeslice in the wiki) . Therefore your TOP has multiple pixels while your dropping frames

You could add a timeslice CHOP before the CHOPtoTOP and set it to “trim”