SOLVED: Long frame time on geforce cards

Hello TD users

I was wondering if someone recognizes the following;

I can’t seem to get reliable frame accuracy on geforce cards. I have a system with a 4070ti and a system with a 2080ti and they both exhibit the same problem. On the latest drivers it was so bad that I could not get a steady 60fps out of the samplescene (more like 45). Now I’m back on 335.98 studio driver (where nVidia explicitly stated fixing TouchDesigner related performance issues) which works a lot better. But the time it takes to render a frame is still quite long. And the weird part is; in a 60fps project the frame time hovers around 16.6 milliseconds, and in a 50fps project it hovers around 20 milliseconds. Exactly the maximum amount to induce framedrops now and then. It is like this in both the editor and in performance mode.

When looking at the performance monitor the issue is in the: misc Presenting Windows in the performance monitor.

On my laptop which has a rtx a4000 with a quadro/rtx driver, this problem does not exist. The frametime of the sampleproject is in editor 3.624 milliseconds and in performancemode 0.751 milliseconds.

I’m using the latest officicial TD on all my computers (2022.35320).

Does someone recognize this?

Filling up the frametime to the 16.6ms in 60Hz is expected. That is vsync slowing us down to make sure we don’t run faster than the refresh rate allows for. If you are getting drops it’s not due to this, since that is ‘dead’ time. If you drop Hog CHOP, you’ll notice that time goes down the same amount the Hog is taking up

Aah, it is vsync. That makes sense. With this driver I have not yet witnessed framedrops. That was with the newer studio drivers so I rolled back. Thank you.