SOLVED: Movie file out _ Bad quality

Hello everyone,
I did this patch, you can just put an other song to see, it should work.
(Sorry for the mess)

When I export movie from the movie file out, it is very more pixelized than in TD…
I unchecked “realtime”, I tried every format. Only Hap is nice, but when I pass the Hap in Premiere, it become pixelized again…

If someone see from where it could come from … -_-

Bad Export.toe (143.2 KB)

Hey @b.oodh

What kind of license do you have?

Note that this kind of content with particles and almost monochrome can cause compression algorithms to struggle a bit.


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I noticed you choose H264. You can adjust the settings for H264 compression on the Settings page of the Movie File Out TOP. There is even a lossless mode for H264.
It might be worth trying lossless and also Animation codec (ie no compression) export first to see what the quality looks like. Sounds like your H264 compression settings are not set to high enough quality.

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ok, in fact, I tried manipulate a lot the settings, but I was wondering that in lossless, 20s of record is 1Gb, and with a rate of 30Mb, 20 sec out is almost 100Mb…
And it’s for a video of 8min
But oké so these heavy files seems to be normal !