SOLVED: Moviefileout TOP records the first frames multiple times

Apple M1 Pro, 2021
Build 2023.112200
(Just updated but also recreated with this version)

So I am trying to automate the recording of a animation with the exact frame count as the my timeline.
The Problem is it renders the first few frames multiple times. For example if want to render 500 frames it renders ~510 frames with for example 10x ‘2’.
I already I tried
print(op('timer1')['timer_frames']) print(op('text1').par.text.eval()) #In the Text OP the Parameter is either me.time.frame or also op('timer1')['timer_frames']
but they don’t skip a frame or print a frame more or anything. the textTOP is directly connected to the moviefileout so it must be something with the Moviefileout TOP.
What I think is really strange is if I toggle Realtime on it renders multiple ‘2’-frames but if I toggle realtime off it renders multiple ‘3’-frames.

automatic-recorder.toe (5.2 KB)

Keep your timeline active if you are rendering your video using the timer in sequential mode.

Use the Init / Start buttons of the timer1.

When clicking start, the text1 does go from 0 to 199 and is 200 frames as specified by the timer.

If you want to render using the timeline, set the timer to Time Control = Lock To Timeline.