[SOLVED] Nvidia background not working properly

hi! I’m new to TD, and I’m just testing functionality rn. I have the non commercial version, using it in a laptop with a Geforce RTX 3060 GPU (and also an AMD Radeon, but I configured the nvidia setup to use the RTX in TD).

I realized that when testing the nvidia background feature, it doesn’t really work. the box doesn’t show a white figure over a black background, the background is like an alpha channel. and the box has an “A” letter on it. and I also can’t select the GPU on the setup box of the TOP.

is something wrong? I can’t figure out if it’s a software or a controller issue :confused:


not a single reply here? does people from derivative checks these forums or is it just users?? :frowning:

The A at the bottom of the image indicates that the component’s output only contains an 8 bit alpha channel (so no RGB). You can change this under the component’s Common tab using the Pixel format and Channel Mask parameters if you want.

Works as expected here. Make sure you have Alpha selected under the Matte Channel parameter since by default the Background TOP only outputs alpha.

hi, thank you for answering. but I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use the nvidia background feature :confused:

I mean, this is supposed to do an easy mask of a moving object, so you can insert that moving object (yourself for example) onto another image (and not turn yourself as alpha channel like on your example). as you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rajV8p9bdQE, when working properly, the result is a white shape over a black solid background (no other operation required), that then using a luminance operation, can replace the black backgroung for another image. so you don’t need to use a green screen.

anyway, I worked around a little with the example of that video and got the result I was looking for, even do the nvidia background is still outputting a white shape over an alpha background, and not black.

It appears the nVidia background TOP has changed somewhat since the documentation was first written.

In current versions of TD (I tested 2023.11340) the component does indeed generate only an alpha channel (8bit Alpha) showing the A at the bottom of the images and a transparent background.

In previous versions (I tested 2022.35280) the component instead generated a white silhouette with no alpha channel (8 bit Mono) over a black background. Which corresponds to the documentation and the behavior you mention.

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