[Solved] ParGroup access to internal parameters

I’m trying to incorporate internal parameters into my workflow, but when I tried to make an XYZ-valued custom param and set it using pargroup style (e.g. ipar.State.Myvector = some_vector where there’s a valid ipar.State.Myvectorx etc.), it gives the ol’ Parameter groups not supported. Use OP.parGroup instead. But there’s no OP here to work off of; ipar.State is a ParCollection and ipar is a td.Shortcut, which doesn’t have much in the way of documentation, and I couldn’t dig much out via e.g. dir().

All that to say: any tips on how to address related pars as a ParGroup in internal parameters?

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A satisfactory method for me: using iop instead of ipar and using the parGroup field from there, so using the structure from my example, iop.State.parGroup.Myvector works just fine.