SOLVED: ParticlesGpu is not working

Hello, I have a question. The pallet that I used often, particle gpu, suddenly…
I can’t see anything. I don’t think it’s working. Does anyone know why?

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Hey @um38ss

I can confirm there is an issue on my end as well.

Can you please let me know what is your GPU and GPU driver version?


After more testing on my end on a second machine, I can confirm that rolling back the Nvidia driver from 496.x to 472.x is solving the issue. The Line MAT is affected as well as mentioned here. If you rely on the particlesGpu COMP, I’d suggest that you rollback your driver for the time being while we wait for an update from Nvidia.

First of all, thank you for checking the contents.

The current NVIDIA version is as follows.

RTX 2060 _ 496.13

Yes, you can rollback your driver version for now and it should fix the issue.


Thank you for checking. I’ll try a different version. It helped me a lot.

Yep, I just updated my graphics driver last week, too, and now particlesgpu doesn’t work. I have a 1050ti and will go ahead an roll back to version.472 as well. Thanks.


This happened to me as well. I’m on a Geforce RTX 3090 with driver version 496.49.

Hello everyone,

Nvidia drivers version 496.76+ published on 11/16/2021 are introducing a fix for this issue. They are available through GeForce Experience or at Download Drivers | NVIDIA


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